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OWN #15 | 15-21 July 2019

Lots of news this week, so let's just dive right in...

Study Claiming Vaping Increases Risk of Heart Attack has Glaring Issue

A recent study claiming that vaping increases the risk of heart attack (myocardial infarction) has a huge, glaring issue. The people they cited as having had heart attacks, had these before they started vaping. Oops.

Tobacco researcher, Brad Rodu, adjusted for those that had the heart attacks before they started vaping, and the results painted a very different picture - vaping does not seem to create any increased risk of heart attack, when compared to non-smokers.

Even ignoring that crucial point, Bhatta and Glantz's secondary analysis did not find a statistically significant association between vaping and heart attacks.

The co-author of this study, Stanton Glantz, seems intent on believing his findings, even though the proof points to the contrary. A true scientist.

(When asked) about the glaring problems with his study, he bragged about being "a for-real rocket scientist," dismissed Rodu as a "tobacco industry apologist" because his research is supported by unrestricted grants from several tobacco companies, and claimed he and Bhatta would have found a statistically significant association if only the sample had been larger.

Unfortunately, the science here seems to be adjusted to fit a narrative - which is the exact opposite of what science is supposed to do. Glantz has been anti-vaping for years, claiming that vaping is an evil tobacco industry plot.

This is a big problem in science right now. Some scientists will attempt to find and/or manipulate research to prove their point. This is catastrophic because we, as non-scientists, rely on these studies and findings to understand our world and steer clear of the things that are bad for us. These kinds of studies brings into question findings from all scientific avenues. How can we trust any of these studies if some of them are so completely flawed?

Read the full articles here:

Many US Vape Shops are Closing Down

Premarket compliance applications cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and American Vaping Association President Greg Conley said meeting the requirements is financially impossible for most vape shops unless you have "seven figures" to drop on an application.

This is the problem, and each unique device and or e-liquid will need to have it's own application submitted, and more importantly, paid for. This effectively limits the people who can apply for these to large corporations - which will undoubtably lead to mostly tobacco companies and those vaping companies which have tobacco company investors.

Of course, this should get all the alarm bells ringing - the FDA will effectively hand vaping over to the same bastards who have been selling cigarettes to the world, and lying, cheating, and bribing their way through legislation for decades.

Some shops have already closed, for various reasons relating to this impending regulatory requirement.

"There have been stores that have had their leases come up, and landlords want them to sign three- to four-year leases, and landlords won't sign a clause to allow them to escape if the regulatory landscape doesn't change, and so they've exited the industry," Conley said.

The application process is also very time-consuming and complex - further preventing most small businesses from being able to conform. And this also seems to be benefitting the big pharmaceutical companies, who have teams to take care of these kinds of things.

Effectively, it seems like this is less of a fight for "what's best" and more of a fight for "who's richer". The American Way!

And during all of this, cigarettes, the one product which is known to be completely harmful, and which vaping aims to rid people of, is still freely available because the tobacco companies pay lots of money to keep it that way.

Read the article here:

Adult Vapers are More Likely to Quit Smoking

I know what you're thinking....of course they are! But this week, a study was published which proves it - at least as far as modern vaping technology is concerned.

The findings suggest that e-cigarette use may affect current and former smokers differently: helping people addicted to cigarettes kick the habit, perhaps, but also drawing some who had already quit back to smoking.

Basically they found that whilst it helps smokers quit, it can also make previous smokers relapse. This however seemed less likely when using more recent vaping technology. The reason seeming being that modern vaping devices are more efficient at delivering nicotine, making them more satisfactory to use for a smoker.

For example, the study as a whole considered anybody who quit smoking from 2010 onward and found that, in that sample, vaping increased the risk of relapse. But when researchers only considered people who quit cigarettes as of 2013, former smokers were not more likely to relapse if they vaped.

Having personally switched to vaping from smoking in 2014, and not having a single relapse since this makes sense. At that time, the vaping devices, and even the e-liquids, had matured to the point where they diminished the cravings for cigarettes to a mild irritation. Compared to every other method I had tried over many years of attempting to give up, vaping made giving up smoking seem almost easy.

Having said that, I'm am now a habitual vaper and so I haven't really "given up" anything. And yet I feel healthier than I have in most of my adult life (having started smoking at 16).

The concern now though, is about the new generation and how vaping may lead to them to nicotine addiction. Imagine 20 years in the future where they, like we have, need to resort to some new technology in order to quit vaping. Teen vaping should absolutely be discouraged...but before that can happen, smoking should be completely abolished - or else they might just end up smoking instead.

Read the full article here:

Teen Vaping Epidemic

I'm not going to say too much on this - I'll leave you to read the articles. But let's just have a quick look at the current state of this "epidemic".

Kevin Burns, CEO of Juul, has recently apologized on behalf of Juul for children addicted to e-cigarettes. This was in a documentary by CNBC on the current state of the vaping "epidemic".

The real question remains, why are these "adult products" making their way into teen hands on such a large scale. It seems like the problem is more about enforcing laws, rather than suppressing adult products that have an unprecedented health benefit to smokers. But that would be way too easy and logical. America would rather start a new war on vaping, since they don't seem to be winning the ones they've already got - opioids, obesity, smoking, etc.

Read the articles here:

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