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OWN #19 | 12-18 Aug 2019

Spring is coming around again; time to stock up on ice and menthol vapes :) This week we have some news from down under, a bunch of lung disease cases in the US that they are trying desperately to tie to vaping, and a study on the harms of air pollution. Let's go...

Australia still hates vaping, but some experts disagree

Unsubstantiated claims linking vaping to health problems are "misleading", a public health expert warns, as Australia's peak medical body maintains e-cigarettes are a "slippery slope".

This quote sums up the problem quite well. Vaping is still, most often, banned or heavily restricted based on it's potential for harm; while cigarettes, who's damage is well known and documented extensively, continues to be sold everywhere.

The fearmongering over lung disease in America, which we'll look at next, is being warned against by Colin Mendelsohn, chairman of the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association. He says that jumping to conclusions (i.e. blaming vaping) without proof is a dangerous practice.

It's misleading to claim it's linked, unless you have evidence.

Mendelsohn is advocating the legalization of liquid nicotine in Australia to allow smokers a safer alternative to smoking - seems like a very reasonable stance. However, the Australian Medical Association (AMA) is arguing against it, claiming that it is a possible gateway to smoking. Again, banned based on a "possible" (unproven) bad outcome - while cigarettes remain legal and are sold everywhere.

Australians are not allowed to purchase or possess liquid nicotine, unless a doctor gives consent for therapeutic use. They can, and do of course, buy it online illegally. How is this helping anyone - in fact, most likely this is what is causing the lung disease problems in the US...unregulated e-juices off the black market (which could contain anything).

Smoking rates in Australia have also remained stationary for 3 years because there is no effective, less harmful, alternative.

Mendelsohn said smoking rates among young people are falling "faster than ever before" in the U.S. and the U.K. where vaping is legally available.

"Australia is the only western democracy which bans the use and sale of nicotine, yet we can see how it is helping smokers in other countries," he said.

It's like refusing to amputate a limb with Gangrene, even though it could save someone's life, because that would prevent the person from walking...they'd be dead if you don't. Allowing people to vape instead of smoke, even with it's unknowns, is helping them to stay off cigarettes which will kill them. It makes no sense really, unless you consider taxes from cigarettes which seem to fund large portions of the world's governments.

Kids should not be smoking or vaping but they will, and they'll end up using whichever is available - currently in Australia, that's cigarettes exclusively.

Kids shouldn’t be doing either. But if they’re going to experiment, I’d much rather they do that with vaping, not smoking.

I think that says it all. Link below.

Multiple lung disease cases with unknown cause being "linked to vaping"

In the last few weeks over 100 cases on serious lung disease have been found and treated, it's cause unknown as of now. These are extremely severe with people's lungs collapsing and requiring medical assistance in order to survive.

Doctors have been linking it to vaping but have yet to show any real commonality between users showing symptoms. This is a dangerous new trend, where the media will run with guesses and blow it out of proportion.

Let's look at the facts. There have been 120 cases (so far) over 15 states - out of over 300 million people, of which over 10 million are estimated to vape. Clearly this is a very small percentage - so even if it were vaping related it's much lower risk than what would be acceptable for a pharmaceutical drug.

Additionally, there hasn't actually been any concrete proof that it is vaping related - only that (seemingly) most of the patients have that in common. If indeed it is vaping related, then it is most likely some unregulated and harmful ejuice they have been vaping as the millions of other vapers in the country are currently unaffected (and have been for near a decade).

This is the main problem with these types of stories, they're based on fear - and the US currently has a big fear over vaping and these "linked to vaping" stories are just fanning those flames. Without proof of any kind, statements like that should be kept away from the public mob as it will become fact for years to come - same as the "flavours tied to heart disease" stories from a while back, which have been disproven but are still being used in most articles to show the negatives of vaping.

Hopefully this issue gets resolved soon and these people can carry on with their lives. Read the full story below.

Air pollution makes everyone in the city a smoker

A recent study in the US has shown that living in a city near a busy road, has the same negative impact on lungs as smoking 20 cigarettes per day. But, unlike smoking, it's near impossible to avoid.

The main effect shown by this study is emphysema, which is tied to pollution and ozone (from climate change). The problem is, there's no escaping it - other than moving out of the city to a cleaner environment.

Elsewhere in India, a doctor has stated that the state of air pollution is equivalent to smoking 5-7 cigarettes per day - for everyone in the country.

It seems like the harms of vaping might be even less of a problem considering the very air we breathe is killing us slowly.

And that's a wrap, articles below.

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