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OWN #21 | 26 Aug-1 Sept 2019

Vaping is firmly in the crosshairs of basically everyone this week, given the increase of lung disease in the US that is linked to vaping. No official claim has been made as to the exact cause and, most likely, it is some additive used in illegal black market vaping liquids - nicotine and/or thc based. This has not stopped the anti-vaping groups from latching on and using this to further their agendas.

Interestingly though, a report out of Washington is showing the positive effects of vaping from a fiscal point of view - getting people to stop smoking saves money. Let's have a look.

Vaping saves lives and money

Robert J. Shapiro, a renowned economist, in association with an influential Democratic think thank has released a report highlighting the economical impact of vaping vs smoking. The report shows the effect that vaping has on the economy mathematically. It's hard to refute that kind of thing, but I'm sure many will try.

Shapiro’s report for PPI, The Impact of Electronic Cigarettes on Cigarette Smoking by Americans and Its Health and Economic Implications, is objectively and meticulously researched and comes to firm conclusions — vaping is the most effective method for smoking cessation and is not a gateway to cigarette use. Vaping improves health, saves health-care costs and adds to economic productivity.

The report states that annually the impact on the economy from smoking is $170 billion in health care and $156 million on lost productivity.

There has been a rapid decline in smoking in the US from 2013 to 2017, and the report concludes that around 70% of that is a direct result of vaping.

Included in the report was other studies showing that smokers were 28% more likely to stop with vaping and that stopping smoking with vaping was twice as effective as using other NRTs.

Looking at patterns of adult vapers it was also concluded that it did not lead to an increased smoking rate, so no gateway effect.

The decrease in smoking related illnesses and lack of "smoke breaks" was found to lead to an average of $2370 in increased productivity each year per employee who no longer smokes.

Research by Dr. Riccardo Polosa, an internationally accredited Italian physician specializing in smoking cessation, reinforces Shapiro’s findings.

In one study he found no adverse effects or negative changes to cardiac and lung health of non-smokers who had taken up vaping over the previous four years. Another experiment showed that in a cohort of 40 smokers provided e-cigarettes, in six months half the subjects cut their cigarette use by 50 percent and another 25 percent quit smoking altogether.

Liberals are however still resisting vaping as a smoking cessation tool due to the fact that their advocacy is often times based on emotion and the lack of studies leaves lots of questions.

Public health researchers did the math. If people smoke they get sick and die early. We need to help people not get sick and die — it’s just that simple.

Find the full article and study below:

Dubai to host first vape expo in 2020

Merely 5 months ago the legal sale of vaping devices was outlawed in the UAE but new regulation in April 2019 has allowed Dubai to host the largest vaping trade show for the region in 2020.

More than 50 international suppliers of nicotine delivery products and smoke-free alternatives have committed to the Dubai World Vape Show so far. Primarily a trade show for businesses, the public will be granted entry on day three.

Read the article here:

Vaping lung disease: the unknowns

As mentioned in the opening, the number of cases of lung disease in the US due to vaping has been rising steadily. As of today, there are still many unknowns surrounding it. Let's have a look at those.

The root cause (or causes) is still unknown

Even though vaping seems to be the common factor in these cases, it is still unclear how vaping is involved - or even definitely if it is involved.

The ingredient responsible has not been identified

Thus far, no single product (vape, cartridge, or filling) has been identified as the culprit by the CDC. Even though they keep stressing that "vaping" is causing this, it is unclear if these are "normal" nicotine products, or vaping products containing THC (cannabis).

It is no known if the symptoms are isolated to the lungs and, if so, which part of the lungs

It is currently unknown (or unpublished) whether the symptoms are isolated to the lungs, and if that is the case whether it affects the upper airways or if it penetrates the deeper parts of the lungs.

The number of cases are estimated

There might be many more cases of lesser severity that are unreported, and other similar cases where there simply isn't enough information to group it with the current crop.

It is assumed vaping is the common factor, but it's not definitive

Even though it seems most likely that these cases are somehow related to vaping, this is not 100% confirmed - there could still be some other, as yet unidentified, commonality.

Read the article here:

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