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OWN #22 | 2-8 Sept 2019

This will be a very short weekly news roundup. Right now, all eyes are on the developments in the US regarding the recent spate of lung complications tied to vaping, let's take a look at the latest...

Possible contaminant found in vaping lung disease case

With the fifth death from lung disease tied to vaping this past week, authorities have identified a potential cause: vitamin E acetate. This is an oil that is commonly used in beauty products and nutritional supplements, but it is not safe for inhalation.

Supposedly what could happen when vaping this oil is that at very high temperatures, the oil vaporizes and is inhaled; however, unlike traditional vape juice ingredients, this oil returns to it's liquid state once it is cooled inside the lungs and then remains there, covering critical parts of the lung with an oil that the lungs can not purge.

Furthermore, all the products testing positive for (high quantities of) this oil are THC (cannabis) cartridges - the nicotine products tested did not contain this oil.

How exactly this oil made it's way into these carts is still unknown, but it seems that mostly these are black market products with no regulation overseeing their manufacturing. In other words, it's like buying a hamburger from a guy on a street corner with no food stand or anything...just buying food from a random person - I personally don't know many people who would eat that burger, but when it comes to drugs, especially recreational drugs, people will use very questionable products.

People warned to stop eating, as food poisoning epidemic grows.

That's not really a quote, or a even a's something you would never see anywhere. And yet, that's exactly what they are telling people to do: stop vaping because 5 people died. Tragic as that is, 5 (or 400, if you take all people affected) out of 10 million (estimated US vapers) does not really amount to a significant percentage to justify such drastic action.

Now I could go on and on about this, but instead I'll just link these articles and you can read them for yourself if you are interested.

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