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OWN #2 | 15-21 APRIL 2019

This week brings more bad news for travellers, but also some positive information regarding health and teen vaping/smoking.

Vaping & Cardiovascular Disease

A couple of recent studies claimed that vaping comes with a higher risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. Both of these studies were subsequently shown to have inaccurate conclusions based on the data; basically they only knew people had cardiovascular problems and that they vaped, not whether or not they vaped before or after these issues, or even if it was in any way responsible for them.

In response to these claims, renowned cardiologist and anti-smoking researcher Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, said that the study conclusions were wrong and "constitute epidemiological malpractice and misinformation."

Now, a new study has found no significant association between e-cigarette use and cardiovascular disease among never combustible cigarette smokers, in comparison to smokers and dual users.

Read the full article (with links to the studies) here:

Vaping as a Gateway to Smoking

Over the last few years, many have claimed (without any proof to back it up) that vaping is a gateway to smoking. Now, some survey results taken from New Zealand school children seems to paint a different picture.

From the responses received, there seems to be a sharp decline in smokers, and a small increase in vapers among the youth year over year - and a drastic decline in smoking over the last 2 decades.

The survey found just 1.8% of students used e-cigarettes or vaped each day, marking a slight drop from 1.9% in 2017. While only 0.5% of students who have never smoked vape daily - a drop from 0.8 per cent in 2017.

Read the full article here:

A report with similar findings in the UK was released last year:

Hong Kong vs Vapers

Last week we covered the draconian laws in Thailand regarding vaping. This week it's Hong Kong under the spotlight for its harsh laws against vaping. It is illegal to bring vaping devices into the country, and sales are currently prohibited. This means that, as a vaper, you'd have to resort to smoking for your nicotine fix while visiting Hong Kong.

This would be more understandable, were it not for the fact that cigarettes are available everywhere and legal to smoke.

The Legislative Council may well believe that they are doing the right thing with their proposals, but criminalising possession of products designed to help smokers quit tobacco is in direct contrast to their stated aim to 'discourage smoking'.

Read the full article here:

Pleasant Scents Can Help Quit Smoking

New research suggests that pleasant smells can help reduce nicotine cravings. The research is hardly conclusive, but it's yet another avenue to explore in the ever evolving fight against tobacco cigarettes.

Olfactory cues - smells related to a physical object or memory - are an important part of the way humans navigate the world. The scent of a familiar item, whether it's a lemon or a favorite brand of cigarette, cues our bodies in ways that psychologists are still working to understand.

Perhaps this is another reason people find it easier to quit smoking using vaping, with it's variety of pleasant scents.

Read the full report here:

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